Monday, 22 October 2012

Getting Pleasured

Here's a teaser snippet from my next erotic shortie, due out later this year... 

I stared at the computer screen trying to believe the message in my inbox was for real. It was an invitation to indulge in my number one sexual fantasy from Sophia, a rather slutty lesbian I had been swapping messages with on a swingers site for the last few months. She was looking for a man to go and shag her and her girlfriend, and wanted to know if I was interested. As much as she loved to lick and suck some wet pussy, she also liked some hard cock to join in with the fun. She said her best threesome position would be me laid out on my back, with her riding my cock and her girlie sitting on my face! 'You’ll be licking her out while she sucks on my tits. Now how can you resist that?' Well, I couldn’t!

She had sent the message at the end of her day at the office, at around 5.30pm. Her boss had left half-an-hour earlier, so she had been sitting at her desk watching porn on the internet for the past twenty minutes, and had decided she just had to message me before she went home, because she was, as she put it, feeling so fucking horny.

'I can feel my pussy gettin’ wet, my clit keeps tingling. Just like yesterday when I had the best orgasm ever. I was in the bath just before bed. I was massaging my big wet tits and rubbin’ my nipples, which were also hard and wet, my pussy was all creamy from the bubble bath, so I spread my legs on either side of the bath tub, slipped two fingers into my tight pussy hole and began fingering myself deep, with my other hand tickling my clit. I must have cum within five minutes. It was amazing. I love playing with myself, and I love to watch a guy tossing himself off. And I want to watch you. And when I do, just before you’re about to cum, I am gonna pull your hand away and wrap my own juicy lips around your stiff cock and suck you off hard and deep till you release your hot cum all over my face... so when are you free?'

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